Indigo + Katazome Cocktail Napkins

Indigo + Katazome Cocktail Napkins


Cotton (100%) set of four hemstitch cocktail napkins

Measures 6" x 6"

The story behind
Each beverage napkin has a design created by a resist rice paste over a stencil (the Japanese way) then dried it was dipped four times in our South Carolina grown indigo. Choose between the gingko leaf, the mistletoe, the three leaf design or the South Carolina flag (a perfect match for a nice tumbler of bourbon). These little cotton napkins will protect your furniture from hot or cold drinks. I use mine everywhere in our home.  

Indigo is color fast. The napkins have been pre-washed. Next time, machine-wash then with a light detergent and dry them in your dryer. Press if needed.

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