Indigo Grower + Dyer + Designer + Educator

Indigo Grower + Dyer + Designer + Educator

I launched CHI design indigo in 2014 when I turned 43, shortly after the loss of my mother, a creative educator. Nature and handcrafts called me, so I travelled to Japan to learn about indigo and resist-dyeing to create stunning, timeless patterns with fabric.

This new venture, entering its 5th year, sums up my passions for art, plants and bringing beauty into people’s lives. Every day I create sophisticated textiles for the home and for personal fashion using only natural fiber and natural indigo dye pigment from plants (indigofera suffruticosa) grown and processed right here in South Carolina.

Now, most days, you can find me in my small converted-shed studio in the backyard, designing, sewing or dyeing.

It is amazing to think that, after coming from France at only 20 years of age with just one small suitcase, earning a college degree in Art, then gaining 20 years of experience in the graphic and fashion world, I would embark on this next leg of the journey to help revive what was once an economic boom for South Carolina in the 1700’s.

I am honored to have been featured in Columbia Living Magazine, Turkey Red Journal and Freetimes. I have earned 2015 American Made by Martha Stewart, First Runner Up at Crafty Feast 2015 (SC), semi-finalist with Made in the South Awards 2016 with Garden and Gun Magazine and 2018 Top Innovator with Apparel Magazine.

My journey continues with a focus on home and fashion design, wedding accessories and planning Farm-to-Fabric Indigo Harvests and Workshops along the Southeastern coast.