Working one-on-one

My very first one-on-one student came from Charlotte NC. In her words, she is on a spiritual journey: "I too, am on an indigo journey, and have been looking for someone closer to the coast I can work with. I'd like to know what an individual day of instruction would look like. Would I be able to learn how to do an indigo vat, and experience working with natural powder? Would I be able to bring my notebook and ask questions about supplies, and techniques? I'm on a spiritual journey now, and indigo is part of that path."

She completely got what she was looking for. We spent 6 hours together. She learned all shibori, mokume and katazome techniques. She learned how to make a natural non fermented indigo vat and how to dye properly with it. The rain caught us so she could not finish all her dyeing but she went home eager to get her own vat started in her small studio.


Caroline HarperComment